Listing-as-a-Service (LaaS)

Leveraging over 10 decades of experience, our team
has advised numerous well-established enterprises on the
intricate and ever-evolving complexities of a senior exchange listing.

Five Core Deliverables

Management, oversight and leadership of fundamental execution imperatives.


Curated advisory relationships (accountants,lawyers,

Audit Execution
Listing Documentation
Senior Exchange and
SEC Communication
 Investment Bankers and
Capital Markets Roadmap

Five Core Deliverables

Unique expertise deeply rooted
in our experience in the legal,
investment banking, market
making and regulatory disciplines.

 Comprehensive assessment and in-depth analysis of listing requirements and performance metrics.
Expert assistance in the preparation and submission of listing applications and related documentation.
Proactively identify, address, and resolve potential listing issues before they evolve into insurmountable obstacles.
Optimize company board structure, committees and
governance practices.
 Ongoing monitoring of senior exchange regulation and compliance developments and context specific follow-up support.

Listing-as-a-Service (LaaS) Team

Deeply experienced execution team committed to your company's successful senior exchange listing and beyond.

Natalie Durbin

Strategic Partnerships &
Business Development

Gregg Jaclin

Managing Director,
IPO Execution

Mikhail Freeman

Capital Markets,
Project Manager

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