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Our Company

Exchange Listing accesses and secures growth capital to fund your development and advancement as a public company.

We enable emerging growth companies to list on a senior stock exchange, including NASDAQ, NYSE, NEO and other internationally recognized exchanges.

We partner with our clients in a cost effective manner in the planning, managing and implementation of their capital markets and exchange listing objectives.

Whether through initial public offering, SPAC, reverse merger or listing from another marketplace, we guide you through all aspects of company structuring and execution to meet your listing and funding requirements.

Your success is our success!

Our Objective

To become a one-stop solution for companies to meet listing requirements and provide services as the primary point of contact with the exchange you are going to list on.

Our Mission

To help our clients to get listed quickly in a timely and systematic manner with the help of our diverse group of members who are the pillars of Exchange Listing.

Our Vision

To help every organization to grow and achieve more.

Our Role: Your Partners:

  • We are hands-on, frontline partners throughout the listing and funding process.
  • We leverage our decades of Wall Street experience and broad array of relationships with investment bankers, investors, attorneys, auditors, accountants, IR/PR firms, independent directors and the exchanges to facilitate your listing and funding.
  • We orchestrate a tailored, company specific yet systematic process for the listing which enhances competitiveness and maximizing stakeholder benefits.
  • We align our interests with your company management, board of directors and shareholders as equity partners to facilitate a successful listing and funding.
  • Basically our goal is to partner with you to achieve a objectives that are the most beneficial to your company and your shareholders.

Our Principals:

  • The principals of the firm have extensive capital markets backgrounds, track records and experience in the planning and implementation of listing on senior stock exchanges, collectively bringing over 100 years of Wall Street Experience.
  • Our founders, strategic partners and advisors are entrepreneurs drawn from investment banking, securities law, corporate governance and business management.
  • We have served as founders, officers and directors of public and private companies and Investment Bankers and we fully understand the challenges corporate officers and directors confront. We are passionate about our business!

Our Team

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